Rosie Trevill is a visual artist investigating the parameters of personal narratives in language to explore wider socio-political issues. Works span across performative mediums, often encompassing sculptural and sonic works as a way to embody physical forms of catharsis.


Fine Art Photography, Glasgow School of Art 2016 - 2020


Alternative Guide for Walking, Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow 2020

Hopelessly Devoted, The Garment Factory, Glasgow 2019

Motherlode, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

MORE IS LESS, Laurieston Arches, Glasgow 2018

Feedback Loop, Glasgow School of Art

Lovers, solo exhibition, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow 2017

Looks Like You’re Planning an Exhibition…, The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

Live Performances

12 Months, or a Sip of Water, HOHM, Glasgow 2020

Cahoot, Laurieston Arches, Glasgow 2017

Baba Bog, Glasgow Open House Arts Festival, Glasgow


Alternative Guide for Walking 2020

Violet Delight 2018


Ede & Ravenscroft Prize 2018


Built with

Rosie Trevill