Rosie Trevill

Rosie Trevill is an interdisciplinary artist based in Glasgow specialising in writing, textile silk-screen printing, performance and installation.

Rosie works both independently and collaboratively to address language and embodiment as acts of resistance and resilience within personal and societal frameworks, informed by queer and feminist discourse.


Hares on the Mountain

Moving image and series of live performances. 

Hares on the Mountain connects the site-specific history of the Cabrach, an upland area on the northernmost fringe of the Cairngorms, with Scottish mythology and folklore. Through the disintegration of the folksong Hares on the Mountain, the performance offers opportunity to reclaim natural landscapes for all life forms, healing relationships with ourselves and other species in the process.

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Sustainably silk-screen printed cotton sheeting.

Exhibited alongside Hares on the Mountain, the printed text  connects the site-specific history of the Cabrach with the mythology surrounding the Cailleach to explore how communities communicate risks of harm and healing to one another, and the potential for ecological learning within Scottish mythology.


A Forest, A Stage, An Imprint

Naturally dyed and silk-screen printed peace silk.

This five panel textile installation responds to fern collecting being used in the 18th century as a guise for women to meet one another to uncover what these hidden histories mean for our relationship to the ecosystems we reside in and to one another. 

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Decay, Rebirth, Portrait of a Fern i and ii

Sustainable silver gelatin prints, produced with fern developer.

Exhibited alongside A Forest, A Stage, An Imprint, these four sustainable silver gelatin prints exhibited depict ferns as both a being and an environment, imagining them simultaneously as a site of queer history and a queer subject within themselves.

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Series of Provocations

Silk-screen printed textiles, oak beams and ribbon.

Series of Provocations i, ii and iii is an assemblage of personal and collected writing, examining the ties between personal and systemic healing and trauma, drawing upon Greek mythology, lived experience and critical theory as resources. 

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