Rosie Trevill

Rosie Trevill is an interdisciplinary artist based in Glasgow specialising in writing, textile silk-screen printing, performance and installation.

Rosie works both independently and collaboratively to address language and embodiment as acts of resistance and resilience within personal and societal frameworks, informed by queer and feminist discourse.



Sustainable silver gelatin print, produced with fern developer.

Exhibited as one of four sustainable silver gelatin prints depicting ferns as both a being and an environment, imagining them simultaneously as a site of queer history and a queer subject within themselves, alongside the textile installation A Forest, A Stage, An Imprint as part of the interdisciplinary project An Ecosystem is A Permanent Lovemaking.

The photograph was produced natural ingredients in replacement of traditional darkroom chemicals, with ferns being the main component of the photographic developer. As a result, ferns make up both the subject matter and printing mediums of the work.

See the other individual photographs: Rebirth, Portrait of a Fern i and Portrait of a Fern ii.

Exhibited alongside A Forest, A Stage, An Imprint at to tease to hold these stories through and through, Glasgow Project Room, 2023.