Rosie Trevill

Rosie Trevill is an interdisciplinary artist based in Glasgow specialising in writing, textile silk-screen printing, performance and installation.

Rosie works both independently and collaboratively to address language and embodiment as acts of resistance and resilience within personal and societal frameworks, informed by queer and feminist discourse.



Live performance, black vinyl lettering site-specific installation.

Written and performed in collaboration with Sean Kemp, Ropewalk focuses on the ritual creation of a rope, with dialogue exploring the dynamics of power and migration. This work foregrounds the process of traditional rope-making methods, demonstrating the act of making as an act of healing. The movements constructing the rope are accompanied by spoken word and throughout both actions, the concepts of constraint, bonds and navigation are discussed.

Exhibited at Hopelessly Devoted at the Garment Factory, Glasgow, 2019.

Read the script for Ropewalk